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Our Allied health team is exceptional and are accredited with The Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Medicare.

All Bellevue Care Centre providers have been screened thoroughly to ensure that they are qualified to provide services within their scope. While these services are available on-site, residents are able to receive services from qualified providers of their choice.

Our physiotherapy team provides care to all residents within the facility. They are longstanding providers of on-site care at exceptionally competitive rates. A visiting Lymphoedema Physiotherapist complements this team, to provide specialised oedema management to residents. They work closely with General Practitioners, nursing staff and residents and their families, to optimise the physical health of both residents and staff.

Physiotherapy & lymphoedema

Optometry services are provided by a highly regarded and experienced Optometrist. He visits our facility regularly, ensuring visual health is maintained. This is essential to minimise falls risk, as well as maximising residents’ abilities to participate in visually driven activities such as ambulation, eating, reading and craft.


Podiatry services are provided on-site by a highly experienced Podiatrist. Regular visits are made and all residents are able to access this service.


Speech Therapy, Dietetics, Dental care, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy and Reflexology are all made available to residents on-site. These are arranged through the facility, after consultation with residents, their families and/or medical staff.

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