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Delicious, nutritionally balanced meals

Home cooked meals

At Bellevue, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce home cooked meals in our fully equipped commercial kitchen. Research suggests that residents who are able to enjoy the aromas of food prior to meal times, will consume significantly more. One of the challenges of ageing, is to ensure that adequate levels of food are consumed and we believe we facilitate this by preparing delicious, nutritionally balanced meals on site.

Exceptional service

Respecting choice and providing opportunity

Residents are invited to attend monthly meetings in which requests for meals are discussed. We strive to provide meals of a high standard and cater for individual dietary requirements.

Consultation with our Speech Therapist, allows us to tailor meals to suit the changing needs of residents as they age.  This is done in consultation with residents and their representatives, to ensure that resident choice is respected. 

Never feel hungry

Snacks are available 24 hours a day.

Get involved

Residents who would like to participate in food preparation and baking, can do so with appropriate levels of assistance. 

Find out more

Please do not hesitate to contact the friendly staff at Bellevue Care Centre for further information.