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Kind words from our families

We remain committed to providing exceptional residential aged care services to all residents and peace of mind for their families. We greatly appreciate all feedback and strive to continually excel in all aspects of care.

Sincerest thanks to all for everything - your love for Joe whilst in your care. We were all so very thankful to have him in a place where we could walk away and know he was O.K.
Colleen, Ray, Jenny, Donald, Gary, Karen, Russell and Julie.
To all the wonderful staff at Bellevue Care Centre,

On behalf of myself and family, I would like to thank you all so very much for the care you gave my Great Aunt, Elsie Buck, during her stay at Bellevue.

She was an intensely private person and as she aged, always told me that she didn't want to be placed in care and just wanted to ‘go’ in her sleep and cause a minimum of ‘fuss’ when ‘her time care around.’

Hence, I had a very difficult decision to make in respecting her wishes but maintaining her quality of life when her health deteriorated and a placement was offered for her at Bellevue. I was just so very grateful that she was able to spend her final years in the care of such caring and compassionate people and in such a lovely environment. It was her home away from home.

Thank you also for making us feel so welcomed when we visited.

You are all such very special people. You are the ones who make the world go around and deserve the very best that life can bring!

Anne Maree Cameron and Family
My family and I would like to thank you for the care given to Leo in the two years he was with you. The home was an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace which we always found comforting. A special thanks to Judy – also the Tracies and not forgetting Pam, who always gave a cheery hello and goodbye.
Yvonne Gaile
Dear Friends,

I am compelled to write again to thank you all for your continuing care and support of Mum (Joan Collier). It is always gratifying to speak with staff members and to know just how well mum is cared for.

Thank you, Dan, Renae and Kathy for the chat we shared on my last visit to Bellevue. I know just how stressed and busy you must all get at times. Anyhow, it has been remiss of me for not corresponding sooner, but time is always short for me. I realize how fortunate we were to have Mum come into Bellevue and I can’t extend enough gratitude for all of you involved with her care. Fond regards,

Jill Wiechmann
Mr. and Mrs. Green. Jon, Judy, Sister Jo and staff of Bellevue,

Jo-Anne and I wish to thank you for the special care and attention that you showed Mum whilst she was with you.

It is rare to find such personalised treatment these days and rarer to find such a caring nursing team. We could not have asked for nicer people to care for Mum in her final weeks.

It was especially nice of Mrs. Green and Judy to attend the funeral service as we appreciate that your duties at the home take up considerable time. This personal touch was much appreciated by Jo-Anne and myself.

Paul & Jo-Anne Barnes
Dear Mr and Mrs Green and family,

I want to send my family’s and my feelings to gratitude for your care and love you gave Bill since he went to Bellevue. Being the sort of fellow he was, I’m sure he wasn’t very forthcoming with words of appreciation for the treatment he received, but I can assure you that he often told me of what he called his good luck in spending his last years in such a caring environment. With love.

Thank you all very much for your kindess and caring during Rita Miller’s time with you at Bellevue.

From the day we arrived with Rita, everyone was very welcoming and helpful, from the cheerful men who work in the laundry to the nursing staff and diversional therapists.

You are a very special group of people, doing a great job. Thank you all again.

Sue & Kevin Miller